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Sermon Notes for 11/19/17

Preaching: Pastor Troy Martin

Text: Genesis 13

Choices and Ends

Lot and Abram had traveled out of Ur together. They had traveled out of Haran together. They both come into the Promised Land, and they both went down to Egypt together. Every step of the way, Abram and Lot had been on the same pilgrimage for the same Promised Land. Yet in today’s chapter we come to the fork in the road between their two lives. Chapter 13 is about choices, and about the different ends to which those choices bring these two men. 



v. 1-2, 5    Remember that Abram leaves Egypt incredibly wealthy. Yet Lot too leaves Egypt with a larger bank account than when he went down.

v. 4-9    Now prosperous and wealthy, Lot and Abram find that the land is not able to support both of them. So Abram volunteers to take the short end of the stick; Lot can pick the part of the Promised Land he wants and Abram will take the other part.

v. 11-13    Lot chooses the plains which Abram did not offer. While  Sodom and her neighboring cities offered the greenest grass, it was also the darkest of moral sewers. Lot decides to make that home.

v. 14-18    After Lot leaves, God then tells Abram that it will all be his. And God tells Abram to walkabout the land. Those places his foot touches will become his home. This is a blessing indeed!


The blessings of God bring new challenges. Those challenges are not sins, they just require wise handling. It tends to be our response to challenges, and not the challenges themselves, that can bring about sin. Abram and Lot went through many of the same things, yet ended in two very different places. Take some time to notice the similar challenges they encounter, and the different responses they had to them...

___________________ is a spiritual challenge. God tells us to provide for our families 1 Ti 5:8 and to put His kingdom before our family Mk 10:29. These are not contradictory if we keep our eyes on the end. Is your end goal faith and courage or peace and prosperity?

___________________ is a spiritual challenge. Lot began life well. It was only when he had much to loose that he lost most of himself. Wealth can be a great good if we remember why God makes one wealthy 1Ti 6:17-19. Are resources for grasping for for giving?

___________________ is a spiritual challenge. When we forget our liberty is a gift from God for the pursuit of God and use it as a right from God to do what we want, we run at misery. Is freedom for independence or for obedience?


Questions for Household Growth

Should we be careful about giving money to panhandlers?

How can a blessing also be a challenge?

What are the similarities and what are the differences between Lot and Abram?