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Sermon Notes for Dec. 10, 2017

Pastor Troy Martin

Text: Genesis 15:1-21

The Covenant of Promises


The Bible tells us that words are enough. We don't need to clutter our lives with excessive promises because what we say is binding. The words, “I promise” aren’t magic words that now make us trustworthy. And that is surely true for God. Whatever he says will happens. He makes his “Yes be ‘Yes,’ and His “No, ‘No.’” Mt 5:37, Yet for all that, God still makes place for promises. He makes covenants to prove that what he says is what will be, even if we do not see it yet….



v. 1    Having just renounced his claim on the riches of Sodom, God speaks to Abram telling him that He, God, will take the place of  Abram’s reward.

v. 2-8    Abram, however, asks about God’s promise of having descendants to inherit the land. God points to the sky, and promises Abram he’ll have more far more than he expected.

v.9-11    Abram believed God, and in believing, asks about God’s promise of the land itself. God responds by telling him to collect several animals so God could make a covenanted declaration of his intentions.

v.12-16    As the sun sets, God tells Abram the future of his descendants - the good and the bad. The promises are coming but will not come quickly. Be patient.

v.17-21    Then God, to establish the certainty of his promise, sends his glory between Abram’s halved animals. A covenant has been made between God and man.



Application is often applying what we hear to our own lives. Usually it is an encouragement that we hear. But in this section, Abram is not doing anything. God is doing the doing. Abram is not being told to do anything, he is being told what God will do for him. The first and foremost application of the covenant is to stop, see it, and believe it.  Let’s do likewise. Look at the three things God does in this section...


God  ____________________ he was Abram’s. The same is true for you. God’s, “I am your exceedingly great reward.”  Ge 15:1 reminds us of all the other “I am...” statements of God. Great faith and strength simply comes from attending to who he has told us he is, believing it.

God ________________________ of Abram. The same is true for you. Scripture labors to display a God who always exceeds our assumptions Ep 3:20. Abram only asked for one child, and he was given the sky. The skimpiness in our life is not His giving, it is our seeing it.

God _________________________ to Abram.  The same is true for you. A core aspect of this is patience. Abram had to wait for the promises, but he was persuaded of them, and embraced them. He 11:13 His greatness was his patient pursuit of what was said, but not yet seen.


Questions for Household Growth

Why does God make promises?


Why is it amazing that the fiery image passes between the animals Abram cut in half? Jer. 34:18


Why was Abram reckoned righteous? Rom. 4:3