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Sermon Notes from March 26, 2017

Preaching: Troy Martin

Text: Genesis 1: 1-2

Title: Why the World?

Last week we looked at one verse. This week at two. We are doubling our amount, but two verses is still a shy amount. We are entering into Genesis slowly. Preachers sometimes dive right in. I have too. But not here. Instead we are wading in, taking time to ask important question.

Today’s sermon asks three: (1) Why any world? (2) Why this world? (3) Why this way? The first is a question about the reason for creating: the final cause. The second is a question of the quality of creation: the formal cause. The third is a question of the manner employed for creation: material cause.  So let’s explore the doctrine of creation...


Implications v. 1-2

Question #1    Why any world? Scripture says “pleasure” Rev. 4:11 God was pleased and He wants to share his pleasure. He make a world so that he could make worshippers. The world’s cause is worship.

Question #2    Why this world? If God is seeking worshippers, then this world seems uselessly complex for the task. Scripture teaches us, however, that what is, is what God wants revealing him Rom 1:20

Question #3    Why this way? God made the world formless and void. Then God transformed it six different times. Why did God create this way? Scripture is clear; God’s processes are as important as his products.



When we ask about the creation of the world, we are inevitably asking about about our creation. The answers to the questions of why he made any world, why he made this world, and why he did it this way inform us about our own questions.

The WHY and HOW of God’s creation is good medicine. When we are low, these answers remind us that we are chosen and intended for pleasure. The doctrine of creation helps with encouragement.

The truth of WHY God made the world and HOW God made it is also good medicine for our pride. For creation teaches us that while we are wanted, we are not needed by God. The doctrine of creation helps with humility.

While the doctrine of creation is the best medicine for our misery and pride, it often seems as dangerous to our identity. This might be true if our identity is not in Christ. Because the doctrine of creation is the doctrine of grace.


Questions for Household Growth

What did G. K. Chesterton means when he said “the world will never be short of wonders only wonder.”

What was God doing before he made the world? Refer to John  17:5-24.

What is the Biblical reason for school? What is the Biblical reason for higher education?