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Sermon Notes for Sunday, April 23

Preaching: Troy Martin

Text: Genesis 1:6-26

Title: It Was Good

So far we’ve had three sermons on Genesis one. (1) We've asked why God revealed that he made the world. (2) We've asked why he made the world at all. (3) We’ve asked why he made the world in days. Today we will finish discussing the architecture of the world.  

But when it is all done, what was the world made for? As an analogy, say grandpa is making cookies. If sermon one asked why grandad shared the recipe, sermon two asked if he were hungry, and sermon three asked why he used those cooking techniques; then we are still left with a final question. After it’s all done, what did grandpa make the cookies to do?



v. 6-8    Monday. God made a firmament - a space between. God names this space, “heaven” after his throne room. He is making an analogy.

v. 9-13    Tuesday.  God made land and seas. The world now has a three-decker order Ex 20:4, Dt 5:8, Ps 8:7-8.  The world’s formlessness is gone.

v. 14-19      Wednesday.  God fills the “space between” with sun, moon, and stars for glory and timekeeping.

v. 20-23    Thursday. God fills the seas and skies with life. Into this life God adds a blessing of procreation. That blessing is still infused into the natures of all nature.

v. 24-26    Friday. God fills the land with life too. The world’s emptiness is gone. He is done with the world. But he decides to create something to share creation with.



We are the part of creation meant to receive creation Ge 1:26, Ps 8:5-8. To enjoy it, steward it, shape it, and live in it. God made it good, and the promise of the resurrection is that it will be fully good again Ro 8:20-21. This redemption returns us to our origin: to receive the world with thanksgiving 1 Ti 1:4 and to hope for its full and final redemption Ro 8:22-23. Therefore...

Be amazed with the world. From telescope to microscope to dinner table; in each of our five senses is a witness that creation is to be shared. You’re not wrong for enjoying these things. You’re wrong if you don’t. Be amazed.

Receive the gifts of God, as gifts.  God is fundamentally the Giver and we receivers. Sin began when we stopped receiving what he gave, and took what he did not. Redemption returns us to reception.  It is all a gift.

Hope for redemption. Being receivers in a fallen world means we receive suffering. But note that in receiving the cup of suffering that Jesus emptied it. The redemption came by receiving. So too we receive and hope for redemption.

Put Easter at the center of your faith. We are not hoping for the end of the world, but the redemption of the world. Jesus came back bodily showing that we will too.


Questions for Household Growth

Where does scripture place the waters above?

Originally formless and void, how did creation lose these?

Why was the world made if we are looking for a better one?