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Sermon Notes: April 2, 2017

Preaching: Troy Martin

Text: Genesis 1:2-5

God Spoke

The last question we considered last week was this: why did God make the world this way? God does not just share that he made a world, but he shares how he structured it. God took six days, not because it was hard, but because he was showing us something.

But this six-day structure - the “how” of creation - has been one of the most challenged segments of revelation, from within the church. Whether the day-age theory, or gap theory, or progressive creation theory, or framework theory - all these theories have tried to accommodate Genesis 1 to a timeline proposed outside the church. Because of that, few people see Genesis as what it is - God’s first revelation of  how he works.



v. 2-3    The first thing to notice is that God speaks. When God speaks it is irresistible, for whatever he says, is. This world is word-made.

v. 4    The second thing to notice is that God breaks the things he makes. No sooner is light made, then it's parted from the darkness. This will happen again later from the firmament to Adam. Whatever he breaks he betters.

v. 5      The last thing to notice is that God names things. Later, when he tells Adam to name animals, he is asking Adam to imitate him. Whatever he makes, he breaks, then he names - from glory to glory.



That last verse, Gen. 1:5 ,announces the beginning of the six-day pattern. This pattern consists in one form or another throughout scripture. Though it often reassembles the order, the basic pattern remains similar: God speaks, breaks/blesses, names, gives, sees, and finally enjoys. This pattern is really part of our pattern, imitating him as his image bearers. Therefore creation can teach us three important lessons:

Creation can be used to trust God’s word. 2 Peter 3:3-7 shows the apostle Peter defending God’s faithful word by reminding people that creation is part of his word. We stand on the best proof that God’s word is real. Trust it.

Creation must be corrected by God’s Word. Romans 1:20 doesn’t just tell us that this world reveals God. It also tells us that it leaves humanity inexcusable. We need more than just the book of nature to be saved. We need the gospel of Jesus Christ. Read it.

Love the Word. Really love it. We need to hide it in our hearts Psalm 119:11. We need to feed our families on it Deuteronomy 6:7. God created the world by his words, and through it he is recreating us. Love it.


Questions for Household Growth

Why do fossils, rock layers, and radiocarbon dating not in effect the biblical record found in Genesis 1?

How are God’s words and ideas different than mine?

What did God create the first day?