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Sermon Notes for Palm Sunday (4/9/2017)

Title: Palm Sunday 2017

Preaching: Troy Martin

Text: John 12:12-45

Palm Sunday can have two different liturgies. There is the liturgy of the Palms which focuses on the triumphal entry of Jesus; his kingship, the people's cry for help, and their obeisance.  There is also the liturgy of the Passion which focuses on the cross; his sacrifice and humility, the people’s sins, need, and treachery.  

While there are two liturgies, there is but one Lord. For in himself Jesus is both the Lord of the Palms and the Passion. As John 12 shows masterfully, Jesus’ is the revelation of who God is exalted and high and humble...



v. 12-17    As Jesus enters Jerusalem for the Passover, he is greeted with palm branches and praise.

v. 20-22    Some Gentile Greeks want to see Jesus, having heard about Lazarus. Philip and Andrew get excited.

v. 23-24      But Jesus refers to cross, not the triumphal entry as what is truly to exalt him and  “draw all men to him.”

v. 27-28    This exaltation takes courage. But the Father lets Jesus know that he is with him.

v. 29-33    Jesus notes that being exalted on the cross will expel Satan and draw men to him with trust.

v.45    Finally, Jesus proclaims that to trust him is trusting God, and that seeing him is seeing the Father.



God is glorious Ps 113:5. God is humble Ps 113:6. Those should not be in contrast. The Christian message has been that Christ's lowliness is not a temporary eclipse of who God is, but a description of God. And for us, Christ’s pattern has been handed over and entrusted to the church as a project. His pattern is our project. So...

Be humble. We are called to humility. But we are not called to humility chiefly because God’s greatness cows us. We are not called to meekness because God might squash us if we are not. We are called to humility chiefly because God is humble, and we are called to be like him. His personality is our project.

Being humble means exalting another. Philippians 2 tells us to consider others greater than ourselves, and to have that mind in us which was in Christ Jesus. How do you get that mind in you? By communing with Jesus. His pattern is our project.

Being humbled pursues greatness. God calls us to humility not because he wants us eternally low, but because he wants to exalt us. The higher any structure, the deeper must be its foundation. Do you want to be great? Then make his pattern your pursuit.


Questions for Household Growth

Is worship about the past or the present?

What two comments haunted T. F. Torrance? Why?

What is the point of the triumphal entry?