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Sermon Notes for Sunday, May 14

Preaching: Troy Martin

Text: Genesis 2:1-3

Title: Rest


We are made for work. In the Garden of Eden, before there was sin, before there was even Adam, there was a job. God said, let’s make man and give him a job.  Work is part of our calling as humans. But the other thing to notice is that rest, also, is part of our calling.

The seventh day God rested from all his work. God gives himself as an example. Work and rest are not consequences for sinners. Work and rest are calling for God’s image-bearing people. We imitate God when we work. We also imitate him when we rest. So what do we see in God’s rest...



v.1     God’s activity of making is over. Heavens and earth have all their parts. What’s next? God uses the term “Host” here. It’s a military term implying that by day six, the regiments were assembled for their marching orders.

v. 2    The orders are…rest? Adam’s first full day is spent watching God’s rest.  It is the only creation Adam sees God do.  There are three things to notice about it. This rest is... practical, foundational, and missional.

v. 3    But most startling of all, this rest is holy. Five times in creation God says that what he’s done is good. The sixth time he says it's very good. But the seventh time he calls it holy. This day of creation week brings holiness into the world.



We and Adam are made to imitate God. In the classroom of God, Adam learned this lesson his first full day of class. To be like God means to rest. So what is the rest God calls us to? The answer is that it looks like what it did for Adam. Holy rest is (1) practical (2) foundational (3) missional

Rest is practical. Gen 2:2 “God ended his work which he had made; and he rested …” God’s rest was practiced. He made it happen. We too need to make it happen. Plan purposeful rest, one day in seven, with saints and family.

Rest is foundational. It is foundational to what we are as image-bearers. It's also foundational to faith. He 3:19 “So we see that they could not enter into rest because of unbelief.” The restlessness that’s destroying us is at root unbelief. Which means that rest starts by trusting God. Our works flow from our faith.

Rest is missional. Ma 11:28 “Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” God’s example at creation, God’s job for Moses in Exodus, God’s ministry in Jesus, and God’s commission to us is to bring rest to others. It is our aim, and it is our weapon.


Questions for Household Growth

What are the “creation ordinances?” Why are they special?

How are rest and unbelief linked in Hebrews Ch 3 and 4?

How can you spend one day in seven in such a way that you will regret it coming to an end?