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The Week's Sermon Notes

Pastor: Troy Martin

Text: Genesis 3:1-13

Title: Original Sin

Genesis one details the creation of the world. Genesis two details the creations of human life: rest, marriage, and such. After perusing those two chapters a casual reader might wonder why life isn’t filled with more glory and goodness.

The answer to that question is found in Genesis three which details another beginning. This beginning is not as glorious or as good. In these verses we see one of the leading reasons on why humans are so prone to misery and heartache. For this is the origin of sin...



v.1     The serpent’s first temptation does not press for an action from Eve. At first he works on changing a belief of Eve’s: God is not as good as we think.

v. 4-5    Then the serpent calls Adam and Eve’s contentment into question: God’s Word is keeping the first family from finding fulfillment. 

v. 6-7    Eve listens. She was created by God to love good things, and in the serpent she is persuaded that a “good thing” would come from disobedience.

v. 8    But eating the fruit reveals to Eve and Adam the shame of disobedience. Then God’s arrival intensifies that perspective. Someone did something wrong.  

v. 11-13    When the judge comes to investigate, his questions reveal the darker side of human sin. Both Adam and Eve find little to say besides an overwhelming impetus to blame each other, the serpent, and God.



God told Adam that he would die when he ate that fruit. While Adam ultimately would, the more telling item is that it didn’t happen immediately.  God gave a stay of execution. This means two things. First, it means that there is a doctrine of original sin - sin could now mature in humans. Second it means that such sin exists in overarching reality of original mercy. Adam, Eve, and all of us have been given the gift of time. That gives us several things to wisely remember...

The origin of sin. Like Eve, the heart of the battle is not in refusing to do wrong but in refusing to believe wrong. Our first creed is this - God is good Mk 10:18. Therefore remind yourself daily of that goodness.

The original effect of sin. Once they'd sinned, Adam and Eve fall into that vicious circle of shame and blame. That is where too many of us live our lives. But Jesus showed another way when he taught us to pray  Mt 6:12.

The originality of God’s answering mercy. Adam and Eve could not have undone what they had done. Neither can we. But God could, and trust in that is how we hold onto the goodness of God. Jn 6:40


Questions for Household Growth

Is there Biblical evidence that the serpent is the Devil?

What proved to Martin Luther that sin was stupid?

What is meant of “original sin”? How does it fit in the context of original mercy?