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Sermon Notes for 8/13/17

Preaching: Troy Martin

Text: Genesis 7:1-14

Title: In the Ark


In Genesis Chapter 6, Noah finds grace, receives the covenant, and builds the Ark. In Genesis Chapter 8, Noah is remembered by God, disembarks the Ark, offers thanksgiving for his salvation. But between that promise and that fulfillment is Chapter 7.

    Between call and accomplishment there is a place. It's the place of prayer, anticipation, believing without seeing, and hoping in God’s promises. For myriad saints throughout time, God has brought them in between his promises and his exploit.

For Noah this in-between place happened in the Ark...



v. 1    Noah’s family is invited into the Ark, because of God’s commendation of Noah himself.


v. 2-3    Noah is not just to prepare for the judgment, but also for thanksgiving afterwards. God will save!


v. 4-9    A week before the judgement, Noah is told to enter the Ark. It also seems, the animals came to Noah, not that he had to round them up. God is saving!


v.11-16    Then comes the flood. As the “deeps are broken up” and “the windows of heaven open.”


v.17-19    Three times we are told that the waters rose. Habitually, in scripture, whenever something is repeated three times it shows utter extremity.


v.11-16    Everything dies outside and we leave Noah inside, alive, but waiting a further one hundred and fifty days in the Ark.



Was it good that God made Noah wait in the Ark? And if so, what is the goodness of that waiting? Or the waiting of any saint? The Bible gives three answers to this question. (1) In waiting, God is preparing goodness for us. (2), In waiting, we learn that God is saving us, not we ourselves. (3), patience is part of the image of God 2 Pe 3:9. So when you find yourself in your own ark, after a promise, but with no fulfilment yet in sight….


__________________________ Patience.       If you are being called on to wait, then fulfill your calling faithfully. Waiting without contentment is just waiting. But with peace, it becomes patience. God’s word has many fruitful things to say about that. 2 Peter 1:4-8


__________________________ his Promises. Putting expectations on God is not presumptuous if it is expecting him to do his Word Psalm 130:5. Presumption is obligating God to do your imagination. Faithfulness is believing God’s Word enough to expect him to do it.


___________________________ your God, that he is doing glories even when it’s unseen. Roman 8:28 We know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.


Questions for Household Growth

Explain Warfield’s reply to the query, “What’s Christianity?


What are some textual reasons to not think Noah’s flood was merely localized in the Middle East?


Name a way that “humility” can be a cover for unbelief?