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Sermon Notes for 8/20/17

Preaching: Troy Martin

Text: Genesis 8:1-22

Title: The Gospel According to Noah


In Genesis Chapter 7 God was de-creating the world. But now, in Genesis 8, we see God re-creating the world. Like God’s original creation it follows much of the same pattern as the six days of creation - and the seventh of worship. This is a true creation.  

    But that pivoting from de-creation to re-creation swings on v.1 God remembered Noah… and God made a wind to pass over the earth. From that verse on everything changes - waters lower, dry land appears, and doors swing wide. It is God’s faithfulness to Noah and to his promise that lets Noah cross from that world of death into the new world of life. It is that faithfulness that allows the same to us.



v. 1    That word “wind” is the same word translated “Spirit” in the Gen. 1:2’s creation account. In both God begins with his Spirit over the waters.  


v. 2    Like Day 2, waters above and below are separated.


v.4-5    Like Day 3, dry land emerges from the waters.


v.6    Like Day 4, Noah lets the first sunlight into the ark.


v. 7-12    Like Day 5, Noah releases the first birds into the air.


v.18-19    Like Day 6, Noah leads animals out into the earth.


v.21-22    And it all ends, like Day 7,  with Noah worshiping God for the rest he brought the world and his family after turmoil. Nevertheless, God still knows this is no ultimate salvation. Man is still evil, “from his youth.” Yet now, God promises patience.


Everything hangs on God in this section. It is not Noah’s applications, but God’s faithfulness that brings Noah from the death of the old world into the life of the new one. That is the same for us. Above all we must always remember that it is God who is doing the remembering. It is God who does the saving, not us. Our salvation is in looking at him. Therefore...


  1. Know the ____________________________. It is our life, but do we know what it is? Do we know what it isn’t? If our kids ask, can we explain it? In detail? Paul tells us that it was the first thing he taught the church, and then gives it in short in 1 Corinthians 15:1-4.


  1. Don’t look ____________________________.  The gospel is not repentance, belief, obedience, or faith. Those are our responses to the gospel.  The gospel is what God did for us: He died and rose again. Forget this and you will either be proud about yourself, or depressed with yourself; but in both responses you are stuck in yourself.


  1. Instead, look __________________________. The gospel is not an action, it is news. While action will flow from it, the news is self-contained. All we can do in wonder and gratitude is listen to it and look at it to receive it. It was that truth that has changed the life of many saints.


Questions for Household Growth

  1. If God “remembered” Noah, does he forget things?


  1. What verse saved Spurgeon’s soul? Can you explain it?


  1. Can you explain the gospel to your family? Try it.




What follows is the outline of the biblical chiasm woven around God's remembrance of Noah; said another way, this is the outline of the gospel told through Noah. 


But Noah found grace in the eyes of the LORD.Genesis 6:22


A Noah and his kids (6:8-10)

B God saw the corruption of all flesh (6:11-13)

C Covenant with Noah (6:14-18)

D Fruitfulness into the ark (6:19-22)

E Bringing animals into the ark Noah built (7:1-9)

F When Noah was 600, the waters came (7:10-11)

G The Lord hid life inside (7:12-16)

H 40 days water increased (7:17-23)

I Waters prevailed 150 days (7:24)

J But God Remembered Noah… And God made a wind to blow (8:1)

I’ Waters subsided 150 days (8:2-3)

H’ 40 days water decreased (8:4-6)

G’ Noah sent birds outside (8:7-12)

F’ When Noah was 601, the waters abated (8:13-14)

E’ Bringing animals unto the altar Noah built (8:15-22)

D’ Fruitfulness outside the ark (9:1-7)

C’ Covenant with all flesh (9:8-10)

B’ God will see the covenant with all flesh (9:11-17)

A’ Noah and his kids (9:18-19)


“And Noah began to be [the Adam], and he planted a vineyard.” Genesis 9:20