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Sermon Notes for 7/30/17

Preaching: Troy Martin

Text: Genesis 6:1-5

Title: They Took Them Wives

Genesis 6 offers perhaps the most longstanding disagreement of interpretation in the book of Genesis. The challenge comes from the terms, “Sons of God” and “daughters of men.” Are these “Sons of God” angels, or are they the sons of Seth?

    Whichever answer we give to this question, the fact remains that scripture traces the consequence of the flood to the cause of these marriages. Did certain marriages, and the children that ensued, really cause the destruction of the world? Is marriage that important to the Lord?  


v.1-3    This passage has one of two meanings.  Either it is the first of many passages in the Bible warning against the inevitable consequence of spiritual intermarriage; or the passage describes the source of a supernatural flood coming as a supernatural consequence of spiritual intermarriage. Either way, the Word is teaching a fundamental lesson on marriage for the life of the world.

v. 4-5    Nor is it just marriage that is in purview here. Notice that the children of these unions are in focus after the early verses. A marriage of different ultimate loyalties, hurts others. Not only does it hurt those who make that union in life-long-lasting ways; but marriages make kids, by design. Those kids are raised by the united faith of their parents, or by a lack of loyalty to one of their parents faiths



The last two chapters of Genesis have focused on the faithless and the faithful of family lines. Chapter 6 does not change that theme. In fact, it accentuates it. God decided that man’s days were numbered because of these marriage unions, and the children born from them. So, as we take lessons from this, it is important that...


Singles, want God’s _____________________. Whatever has been written in the Bible was written for our good. Romans 15:4. So the Bible’s prohibitions, warnings, and even the law, are words of  generosity. God doesn’t need our obedience. We need his wisdom.


Parents, give God their __________________.  Marriage is a transfer of allegiance from parent to spouse. If a higher allegiance superintends this transfer, then faithfulness is not lost.  The only way to wisely ensure the placement of this higher allegiance is for parents to transfer their kids’ loyalty from them to God. Parenting is, after all, devoting your kids to God Ephesians 6:4.  


Everyone,  know God’s___________________.  A marriage is not built on our earnings, it is built on God’s goodness. No sinner earns happiness, but there can be deep happiness in marriage. This is evidence showing that marriage too must be build on grace.


Questions for Household Growth

How did Rudolf Bultmann what to change the Bible?


How is one opinionated graciously? Why is it important?


Why is it important to marry in the Lord? 1 Cor 7:39