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Sermon Notes for Sunday, Sept. 17, 2017

Preaching: Pastor Troy Martin

Text: Genesis 10:32–11:9

Title: A Mercy of Judgement


In the last section of Genesis we read the Table of Nations. It shows the lineage of people groups and countries that came from Noah and his sons. Today’s section is anachronistic - it must actually have happened before much of the last chapter. For in Chapter 11 we learn why there are different people groups with different languages.   



v. 1    The center of this section is speech. The words people say, the words God says, and even the word “word,” is a play on words, and leads to the conclusion. 

v. 2    Humanity is operating en masse as they travel to Mesopotamia and begin to counsel together.

v. 3-4     Tradition holds that Nimrod lead the campaign to build the tower, but the text here shows shared agreement between all people in this project.

v. 5      Then the Lord comes to evaluate the work of humanity, and the text drips sarcasm. 

v. 7-9     While humanity is completely unified, they are not unified with God. They are using different words than God’s, so He gives them different words than each other.  



The tower of Babel, and all that transpired there teaches some profound lessons on wisdom and words. In wisdom God took from the men of that age their shared words. Why? What is it that makes that fitting and fruitful? Consider these three things...

Failure can be _________________________. What is it that causes us to cry out to God so often but that our lives are not working without him. We ought to be grateful every time God gives His will and nothing less, even if that means a “no” to our aspirations.

Words are ____________________________. You can talk yourself into almost anything because every word gives us a vision of the world. Therefore it is most critical to watch your words in light of His Word.

Pentecost is ___________________________. What happened at Babel is undone, in part, in the book of Acts. The ministry of tongues, which started there, continues down to the present - the gospel is going out.


Questions for Household Growth

1. What is the pattern of each “toledoth”?

2. Is sarcasm wrong? How is the text using it?

3. Can judgement be mercy? Are there any examples?