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Sermon Notes for Sunday, 9/24/17

Preaching: Pastor Troy Martin

Text: Genesis 11:10- 32

The Things God Picks


So far the Bible has presented to us universal history: cosmic creation, the fall of humanity, the worldwide flood, the scattering of nations. But in Genesis 11 we now move from universal history and focus in on patriarchal history. The rest of the Bible will be the story of this one family that God picked and through whom He worked the salvation of the nations.



v. 10    Last chapter we learned Arphaxad was third born, but now he is the only son mentioned. This genealogy is not the genealogy of nations, but of election.


v. 11-25     The diminishing dates reveal that lifespans were shrinking and that each generation lived closer to death than his father’s generation.


v. 26-27      As with the tenth generation ending in Noah, so too this tenth generation ends with Terah begetting three sons and then journeying west to find new life.


v. 28-32     Later we will learn that God told Abraham to head west, but at this point all we learn is that one of Terah’s sons died. Terah takes all that was his dead son’s and gives it to the rest of his family, and then the family travels.


v. 30     But one other fact is left before us, and it will be the climactic fact of the next eleven chapters and a central story for the rest of redemptive history.



In v.30 we are told with beautiful simplicity that the trial and tribulation of childlessness through which Abram and Sarai would pass for years was no accident. It was the God’s plan. So in this genealogy we come not to who would follow whom as one generation led to another, but come to the truth that the very circumstances of those lives and our lives have all been determined. These are the things God picks.


God picks _____________________and AMEN! Proverbs 16:1, Proverbs 16:33, Job 14:5, 1 Kings 22:28-34 and so many other verses remind us that the word of God juxtaposes our responsibility to live well with God’s sovereignty over the minutia of our lives.


God picks _____________________and AMEN! Salvation teaches us that God does not maintain or control a world that is perfectly fit for what what he calls it to do. Rather, he prefers to repurpose things, Romans 4:17.


God picks _____________________and AMEN! Most startling of all, those things that seem taxing are as created and controlled by God as any other part of our lives. In fact, they are often the instruments through which God gives greater grace, 2 Corinthians 12:7-10.


Questions for Household Growth


Why are the death dates of Chapter 11 interesting?

What does Psalm 139:16 teach about our lives?

What is so central to Genesis 11:30?