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Sermon Notes for 9/3/17

Genesis 9:19-29

Sons of Noah


In the beginning of Genesis 9, Noah and his family receive a blessing, a commissioning, and a covenant. The whole chapter starts with goodness given. Then the chapter ends with the response of Noah’s sons to that goodness.

The goodness of God goes out to all 8 humans left on earth. Most of those present will pursue that goodness by turning from dishonor and shame, yet one will turn from that goodness by pursuing dishonor and gain. Then and now, life is shaped by what makes us turn, what catches our attention. That is largely what is at view at the end of Genesis 9. The sons of Noah are known by what they look at and what they do with it.



v. 19    In v.1 God blessed Noah and his sons to replenish the earth. Now we learn that the earth was replenished by those sons. God’s blessings achieve their end.  


v. 20    Just like the first world, In this vineyard, there is both a new garden and a new Adam-like man to dress and keep it.  This is a story of second chances.


v. 21-22      This is also a story of second chances to fall. Implied in this new garden and new Adam, is also the probability of a new snake and a new fall.


v. 24-27      What happens when Noah is “drunk” divides his three sons. One gains for himself and his descendants a new curse. The other two leave this incident with new blessings for them and theirs.



No sooner is Noah and his family saved to a new earth under a new covenant, than striking ingratitude is displayed; Noah lies uncovered in a swoon, Ham plans rebellion. There are reasons to be amazed at sin. But scripture does not give sin as an object for our amazement. Instead, it centers our attention on our Lord and his amazing grace. Our practice should be the same


  1. Be _____________________________. When the disciples were amazed at their power, Jesus told them to rather be amazed at their salvation - Lk 10:20 It is a corrective we need too. Are sinners saved? Amazingly, yes!


  1. Don’t be ______________________________. It needs no honor, yet in our popular culture it is obvious that evil is more honored than virtue. When did the good get so boring? When we gave our hearts to its opposite.


  1. Rejoice ______________________________. It is the most appropriate way to display our amazement. While the worst way to treat our sin is to stare at it and grow depressed.  It is where we stare that shapes our state.


  1. Consider _____________________________. For sin can be incredible. But it may not catch our respect. It was for this that God sent his Son into the world.


Questions for Household Growth

  1. Is wine good? When can it be bad? Eph 5:18


  1. Why are Ham’s brothers blessed?


  1. Why is grace amazing?