Sharing Life Together

Here you'll find weekly updates, sermon notes, odds and ends. 

Sunday School class Details


SUNDAY SCHOOL: 9:00-9:45 am, begins this Sunday.  The worship service follows at 10am.


Youngling's Sunday School: Kindergarten and under: 113B

Our Younglings Sunday School will be a time for fellowshipping, praying, and playing with young saints under adult oversight. Little lessons will encourage them to love God and their neighbor. 


Elementary students Catechism Class: First through Sixth grade: Room 122

Our Young Catechism Study will be a learning and music class based on the Westminster Catechism. Catechism comes from the Greek katechein, which means "to teach orally." So in this class Bible stories, Christian living, and godly character will be explored with these young disciples through reading, instruction, and especially through song. 


Youth Sunday Study: Junior High through High School: Room 210

Our Youth Study will be a Christian worldview class based on the Westminster Catechism. To catechize (Greek katechein) is to learn through dialogue. This will be a time to lay down the building blocks of the gospel: What is God? What is sin? What is foreordination? What does it mean to be male and female?  These and others are the topics on the table for our dialogues.  


Adult Sunday School: Everyone's invited: Room 113A

Our Adult Study will be on the life of Christ. Based on R. C. Sproul's study "What Did Jesus Do," this series will unfold a rich understanding of the work of Christ in history and in our lives. Using the study guide, our Bibles, and good discussion, come and learn about the Lord.