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Pastor Troy Martin

Text: Psalm 127

Sanctity of Human Life Sunday, 2018


The Sunday closest to the anniversary of the Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion, has been set apart as Sanctity of Human Life Sunday since 1973. On this Lord’s day, Churches teach on the image of God, remember the many lives lost to abortion, and commit themselves to a worshipful fight against murder. We want that faithful fight to be carried on to the next generation. That is what today’s psalm is about...



v. 1    Without God working in our work, or fighting in our fights, no undertaking we engage in will succeed. God is the the success of every endeavor.


v. 2    The sacrifices we make are simply sorrows if they are not for God - and supported by God. Paul teaches something similar in 1 Cor.  13:3


v. 3     The truths in the last two verses are especially important to those who are raising children.  Children are a chief blessing.


v. 4    The chief blessing that this psalm points to in children is that they are armaments. We, and our kids, are made for the battles of our day.


v. 5    Successful child-rearing is known when our children fight with us, as we fight the faithful fights of our own days.



Having allies in the faithful fights of our day is one of the “ends” of child raising. But it is also one of the chief “means” of raising faithful children. To inspire our kids’ faith is often to inspire them for the fight.  Paul, after all, describes the faith as the articles of a soldier’s outfit Ep 5.

    So if young Christians should be seen as arrows in the hands of a mighty man, then consider these things...


Teach _______________________________. In 1 Pe 3:15, the Bible instructs us to set our hearts apart for God. In order to do that, it instructs us to prepare answers to the controversies we encounter. Part of faithful child raising involves the same.


Engage  _____________________________. Psalm 127 is not a kid who goes off alone to find faithful fights. That child joins his father in the gate. That presumes that the father is already engaged in the fight. In 1 Ti 2:1,3 Paul tells Timothy the same: “Join me!”


Love ________________________________. In Is 48:14, God tells Israel that he loves them. Because he loves them, he will fight Babylon. We are made in the image of that God. Those things we are willing to fight for  are those things we actually love.


Questions for Household Growth

What does Genesis 17 have to do with today’s sermon?


Is our Faith against fighting or warfare? Explain.


When did you last speak up for Jesus in a chat having to do with a controversial part of the Christian Worldview.