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Sermon Notes for Feb. 11, 2018

Pastor Troy Martin

Text: Genesis 19:12-38

The Life of Lot

This section of scripture completes what we know about the life of Lot. It is a dark and degenerate ending to a man that started his walk so well. But God gives us this Life, as he gives so many others in the pages of his inscripturated Word, to teach us hope Ro 15:4 and repentance 1 Co 10:11.


v.12-14    The two angels who came to check on the state of Sodom have now made their verdict. It must be destroyed, so Lot is sent to save anyone who wills.

v. 15-21    Lot lingers. Finally, these angels forcibly take him out of town and encourage them to flee back to the mountain. But Lot wants city life.

v. 22-26    Lot leaves for Zoar. Judgement falls on the other cities. But Lot’s wife longs to return to what is being destroyed.  En route she turns back to what she loves.

v.27-29    Our attention then returns to Abraham. As he looks out on all that judgement God executed, we are reminded that God saved Lot for Abraham’s sake.

v.30-33    Lot leaves the city for which he argued. Living with his two daughters in a cave, the girls hatch a plan. Though they left Sodom, Sodom has not left them.

v.34-38    What is created on the floor of the cave becomes the ancestor of two nations: Moab and Ammon. Each people group becomes Israel’s implacable enemies.



From the moment that Lot left Abraham’s side, his life has seemed to be one giant spiral down, down, down. Nevertheless, it is the life of a saint 2 Pe 2:7. God wants us to take note of Lot. To every life that starts so well, Lot is a warning to continue in the grace that once changed you. Therefore,

Break off ____________________________. The greater danger of sin to the saint is not the discipline God gives - that’s a grace - it’s that we might love the sin and in loving, follow it. So God says, Consider our ways Ha 1:5

Pursue ______________________________. God tells us that His goals for every church is to have a place where we can follow other’s godly examples Ti 2:2-6. Surrounding yourself with saints is central to all God’s children.

Repent  _____________________________ . Lot got better than he deserved. So do you. What do you do when you realize it? Thank God. Then follow after Him. Ro 2:4 The goodness of God leadeth thee to repentance.


Questions for Household Growth

What is one of the fundamental principles of sin that we see in the life of Lot?

How much value did Lot place of faithful fellowship?

Why does the Bible show us the life of Lot?