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Sermon Notes from 2/18/18

Pastor Troy Martin

Text: Genesis 20:1-18

There But For the Grace


Weaved throughout the narrative of Abraham is the corresponding account of Lot. Often the two men are compared with Abraham being the noble one. But in Chapter 20, the description moves from contrasting the two men, to comparing them. God has placed Abraham in a situation a lot like Lot’s, and Abraham turns out to act a lot like Lot.



v.1-2    Abraham leaves Mamre for Gerar - likely because the area near Sodom is affected by the catastrophe. Once in Gerar, Abimelech takes Sarah as his wife.

v. 3-7    God threatens Abimelech for seizing another man’s wife. The king claims innocence, and God upholds the claim. Then God directs him to make restitution.

v. 8-13    Abimelech confronts Abraham, yet recompenses the man. Abimelech rebukes Sarah, yet defends her honor. The king turns out to be quite a man while Abraham turns out to have acted a good bit like Lot.

v.17-18    The womb of Abimelech’s harem had been closed. Yet following Abraham’s prayer, God returns children to his court. God truly is the Lord of childbirth. A truth Abraham will take to heart as he awaits his own son.



In Chapter 18 God promised Abraham a son in twelve months. We might assume that the next chapter would tells about that son. But that is not what happens. Instead God tells two tales - one about Lot and one about Abimelech. God is orchestrating events to prepare Abraham for receiving his promise.

He is directing Abraham (and us) to get a good look at...

Our pride, and ________________________. The great enemy of grace is not works, it is trust in our works Ep 2:8-9. The only difference between Abraham and Lot is God’s kindness. Getting a handle on our pride often comes in the form of seeing how fast we fall.

His grace,  and ________________________. Abraham is most prepared to receive the promise of God when he sees he has received the grace of God. In part, his failure and rescue forms his household curriculum Ep 6:4. Evincing grace is the best foundation for a family.

God’s faithfulness, and _________________ . To what extent is Abraham’s triumphant faith in chapter 22, the result of this failure and deliverance in this chapter? In seeing His deliverance overcome our failings, we learn to not  staggered at any of his promises Ro 4:20


Questions for Household Growth

Explain the meaning of John Bradford’s quote.

What shocked C. S. Lewis about his attempts to kill pride?

Why did God let Abraham go through this in Gerar?