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Sermon Notes for Feb. 4, 2018

Pastor Troy Martin

Text: Genesis 19:1-11



We live in an age that is struggling over the text of Ge 19. What exactly is the sin of Sodom? How does the story of Sodom affect the church’s teaching on homosexuality? Should the word “sodomy” have anything to do with God’s judgement on Sodom?

In ages of great social reorganization, we will always see a corresponding emphasis in scriptural reinterpretation. So the first job of any Christian is to look closely at what scripture teaches.  




v.1-3    Two angels leave Abraham and find Lot sitting in the place of authority in Sodom. The angels want to investigate, but Lot is intent on hosting them.

v. 4-5    The evidence of the Sodom’s civic morality then comes banging on the door. The mob demands Lot hand over the angels for their sexual pleasure.

v. 6,9    Lot attempts to mollify the mob. But his labeling their act as “wicked” enrages them. They are sensitive to such judgmentalism. They decide to have a go at Lot. 

v.7-8    Nevertheless, Lot lacks much moral high ground, for he offers his unmarried daughters to their gang. Lot has not stood against rape; that is a sin De 22:25.

v.10-11    The angels then save Lot from the mob by blinding them. Yet, amazingly even that doesn’t end the mob’s intention against Lot’s house.




We live in an age that is struggling over the text of Ge 19. We don’t pick the struggles of our age, but we do need to be faithful in them. That’s our blessing and calling. How do we walk in our age, and if we find, like Lot, that it is a age of Sodom, how do we walk out?

To walk faithfully ______________________. For the sons and daughters of God, there is no authority higher than his Word. It is truth. It is also life. So we can say with Christ, “Man does not live by bread alone” or by experience, or desire “but by every word” of God. Mt 4:4

To walk graciously _____________________. The Gospel is an identity issue. “We belong, body and soul... to Christ.” A Christian does not define his identity by sexual activity. Our old identity based on desires died Ro 6:6, our identity is now determined by Christ. 

To walk out on sin  ____________________ . We cannot leave an age, like Lot left a city. Scripture nevertheless does explain our need to leave sin behind. Christ, “gave Himself for our sins, that He might deliver us from this present evil age” Ga 1:4 Faith in Christ is a new life.  


Questions for Household Growth


What does the “Analogy of Faith” mean?


What is the sin of Sodom? Ez. 16:49-50


What make the Bible’s teaching on homosexuality so controversial in our age?