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Sermon Notes from 3/24/18

Pastor Troy Martin

Text: Genesis 22:15-24

Follow Me


Jesus taught his disciples (and enemies) that the scriptures speak of him Jn 5:39. Genesis 22 has some of the most powerful images of Christ’s sacrifice present in the book of Genesis.  Albeit, after the test is over, God demonstrates two things: the outrageously exponential increase of Abraham’s blessings and how much faith he will still need.



v. 15-17    The angel talks to Abraham a second time. The first time  was to stop the sacrifice of Isaac. Now, the angel speaks to release a torrent of blessings. 

v. 18     Before, stress was laid on the graciousness of the covenant. Now stress is laid on the fact that covenant blessings are  claimed by an obedient faith.

v. 19-20      After receiving these towering blessings, Abraham returns  home. But once there, Abraham learns that his brother has had one more kid.

v. 21-24     Nahor’s family is now constituted by twelve kids. One will ultimately bare Rachel, who will, in turn, marry into Abraham’s family. But what did Abraham do with this knowledge? After saving one kid from death, how did he handle learning that his brother has eight?



Last week we applied Genesis 22 to our lives: God will bring you into tests, and He will bring you out again. He has promised safety through fire and flood. Nevertheless, there remains a challenge on the other side: comparisons. Desiring other people’s blessings, wondering at God’s fairness. Therefore, even after you have made it through the test, remember...


God is  _______________________________. We are not saved by works, but by grace. Ep 2:8-9. God gives us all things by grace, that includes the fact that he gives us rewards Ep 6:8. God delights in our faithfulness.


God is  _______________________________. We can either make our neighbor our standard and feel sorry for ourselves. Or we can use God’s standards, and feel how much we have been given. Ps 103:10


God doesn’t  ___________________________. In scripture, God has hard words against coveting and comparisons. When Peter tried it, Jesus’ rebuke offers us our best rule, “What is that to you, follow me.” Jn 21:22


Questions for Household Growth

What is a Christological typology?

Why do we complain about things being unfair?

What lesson does C. S. Lewis teach in a Horse and his Boy as well as on his deathbed? What does it mean for you?