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Sermon Notes for Sunday, April 15

Pastor Troy Martin

Text: Genesis 24:1-10

The Final Wisdom


Genesis 24 records the last words of Abraham. In the chapters ahead we will learn more about his life. But Chapter 24 records the last things he said. We can look at this section as the final instruction given by an paragon of faith. And if Abraham had any last wishes, these are what they are...



v. 1-2    The first thing to see is that Abraham is fully blessed. He has everything he could wish. So everything that follows is not self-centered but other-centered.

v.  3-4     Abraham’s concern is for his son’s spouse. He charges a servant to solve this central concern. Abraham is probably getting too old to do it himself.

v. 5-6      This looks like a tricky solution to the servant. If no one local is faithful, why not take Isaac somewhere else? But Abraham knows God’s promises are here.

v.7-8     Isaac is stuck between faithfulness and singleness. But Abraham trusts that God will work everything out, so he extends himself and his household in that trust. 

v. 9-10     So with everything understood and settled, the servant swears to step out in Abraham's faith. He loads ten camels up, and the great adventure begins.



God has made Abraham full with everything he could want v. 1, yet we still see him acting on his faith in several ways. Abraham’s final concern reveals several important values for us also to keep. These form the final Abrahamic wisdom.


Dedicate yourself to...

pursuing_____________________________. “Many claim to have unfailing love, but a faithful person who can find?” Pr 20:6. When thinking of marriage, the biblical norm is not fall in love, but find a faithful partner.

pursuing_____________________________. Take Hezekiah as a example. 2 Ki 20:19 and 2 Ch 32:25. The men and women in the Bible who do not care about the generation to come lose Scripture’s esteem.

pursuing _____________________________. “Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says.” Ja 1:22. Our thinking must become action if it has value. We are called to live our faith.


Questions for Household Growth

What are “final words?” Why can they be important?

What is the difference between faith and presumption?

What does C. S. Lewis’ character Screwtape claim to be a demonic influence on the concept of marriage?