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Sermon Notes for Sunday 5/27/18

Pastor Troy Martin

Text: Genesis 25:11-34

Ishmael, Isaac, Esau


Several chapters ago we came to the story of Lot, which was a long, painful story of how a man hit rock bottom. Scripture lays before us lives of redemption, recovery, and rescue. BUT the Bible also dedicates a good portion of its narrative to loss, curse, and failure. Today’s section is one from of the second group, told in two different lives: Isaac and Esau.



v. 11-15    Isaac and Ishmael seem to have come to a peaceable settlement in latter days. Abraham’s firstborn son has twelve sons of his own - God’s promises are full.

v. 21-22      Yet, Isaac’s lineage is having a tougher time.  Not only is it hard for Rebekah to get pregnant, after 20 years of praying, it is hard to be pregnant.

v. 23-26      Rebekah may have thought she was having a miscarriage. But God tells her that there is a war going on in her womb. The winner will be the younger.

v. 25-28    The children grow. Esau is described as a wildman. Though often translators, and Isaac, seem to have often believed otherwise, Jacob is described as blameless.

v. 29-34    One day reprobate Esau comes hungry demanding food. Jacob makes an offering to his brother’s passions, in order to save the covenant. It is public, Esau is petty, yet he does not look back. Isaac has raised a tragedy.


Often in Scripture we are told stories of how not to live out our faith.  Genesis 25 contains just such a story. We are told to see the importance of keeping peace with people in the story of Esau He 12:14. We are told to see what failing grace looks like in the story of Esau He 12:15. As we analyze Esau, we are warned away from our own dangers.


For in the story of Esau we notice that...

Rest can _____________________________. Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Mt 11:28 Not only does Christ paint the gospel as an act of rest, but the practice of taking a day of rest is part of the moral law. Rest matters.

Misery will ___________________________. God... will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able... that ye may be able to bear it. 1 Co 10:13  Our words about our problems are often a bigger problem than our problems. Guard even what you tell yourself.

Sorrow won’t _________________________.  When Esau later wanted a blessing he was sad, but he still wasn’t changing He 12:17. Tears are not always a promise of better things. Sometimes they are simply regret that our sinful ways aren’t getting us what we want.


Questions for Household Growth

Explain how Genesis 25 is set up in Parallels.


What type of tears does Scripture say are not good?


What does Hebrews 12 tell us to see in the story of Esau?