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Sermon Notes for Sunday June 24, 2018

Pastor Troy Martin

Text: Genesis 26:34-35, 27:46-28:9

Esau’s Marriages


Sprinkled throughout three chapters have been references to Esau’s marriages. We have already dealt with the larger scenes that fit in and around those references; birthright, blessing, and pilgrimage to Padan Aram. Now it is time to look at Esau’s marriages. They have formed the bookends of Isaac’s history, and explain to us much of the context of what has happened.



26:34-35    Just after Isaac’s peace with Abimelech and just before Jacob nabs the blessing, we are told that Esau married, but that those wives brought misery to Isaac.

27:46      Following Rebekah’s stratagem to keep Isaac from giving the blessing to Esau and to keep Esau from killing Jacob, Rebekah confronts Isaac about Esau’s wives.

28:1    Rebekah’s implied rebuke of Isaac’s negligence at protecting the family faith seems persuasive from Isaac, who willingly now gives Jacob his blessing and a task.

28:2-5    Jacob must not marry like Esau. He must find a wife were Isaac found his. Attached to this task, Isaac gives a blessing to Jacob’s kids and grandkids.

28:6-9    Realizing that his marriages contributed to the loss of his blessing, Esau tries to repair the situation by going to his father’s brother, and marrying yet again.



Esau’s marriages preface and epilogue the last three chapters. Obviously then, it would seem that marriage is no small matter in the covenant. Let us use that to create and clarify the Christian vision of marriage. What should we understand about marriage?

A marriage...

must be _____________________________. 1 Co 7:39 tells Christians to marry “in the Lord.” Because a marriage is made of three: husband, wife, God. How then does a marriage to an unbeliever work? Either by marginalizing ones’ spouse, or marginalizing one’s God.

should build __________________________. Esau’s marriages are about more than domestic bliss,  they are about the succession of the covenant of God. All marriages have that purpose Ma 2:15. Our vision of marriage should extend to those made by that marriage.

will be: _____________________________.  Marriage is hard. But there was no harder marriage than Christ’s. He came unto his own, and his own received him not. Jn 1:11 Christ’s spouse killed him. Yet he loved us. So that marriage, in the end, is the hope of every soul.


Questions for Household Growth

1. What is religious syncretism? 

2. How important is marriage to God?

3. What does a Christian marriage look like?